I am thankful to have found CritterCord since I have a young cat, Tango, which has chewed through a lamp cord once. Thankfully he is ok after that experience, but that incident left me in a bit of a panic. Even though I'm a veterinarian, I didn't know how to keep him from chewing cords again. Cats that have pica(a condition in which they chew inedible objects) seem to have certain texture preferences. I had already taken Tango to a veterinary behavorist for chewing and ingesting fabric, when the cord chewing started. Despite trying various dietary changes, increasing the amount of play time, and starting him on behavior-modifying medications, he still eats fabric, even though he doesn't feel well afterwards sometimes. Now with CritterCord, I at least have pease of mind knowing he's not going to electrocute himself. The combination of the cord cover and the citurs scent as a deterrent seems to be as catproof as anything could be. It works for Tango. Now, I'm spreading the news about CritterCord to all of my clients who have pets that might chew cords.
-Terry Allen, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Thank you so much! The cords are great, and they really do work. My cat has been chewing through all my cords, and nothgin was deterring her before. Thank you so much.

As a matter of fact, I need to place another order! My Chihuahua has not gone near the CritterCord, but chewed on the on cord that was not covered by CriterCord (outside on our fountain) but luckily it was not plugged in like the last cord she was burned with.

Just to let you know, I did get the CritterCord, and it workd beautifully! Jazz will not even go near the cords now...I will be coming back again soon...have family & friends that are interested in this too. Thank you very much!

Quick note...arrived today. Works beautifully!!! My wife and I have two laptop computers and a new puppy. The puppy was constantly gnawing at the cords and the CritterCord eliminated the problem...saved the computer and saved the puppy! Thanks much!!

Just as Meg!(small animal foster "mom" and resident small animal expert) "Wow! What an incredible tool for bunnies that chew! I put this in a very enticing place where the same rabbit who chewed through my TV's power strip and phone cord hangs out and I couldn't believe it! She never came near it. I would even go so far as to say she avoided it. I'm not sure how they did it but this cord cover works great!"
-Wisconsin Humane Society

Cords arrrived today...thanks...hopefully, my wife will now forgive the rabbit for knocking out the phone and most of the lights in the house!
-Jim J.